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Baaf n axny anime report archive Well i got back from new york and boy are my arms tired.Really!I carried a whole buncha stuff in hogan outlet the rain.Thankfully most of it survived.I got some wet clothes andlost some posters but i had extra of those. Anyway, last weekend there were two big anime events in times sqaure, the big apple anime fest film festival and the axny anime convention.Part of the film fesival was the world premiere of the english cowboy bebop movie.Thankfully me and my friend got tickets online and showed up early both the premiere and the later showing sold out that day if not sooner.Plus something cool happened in line.Me and my friends were interviewed for a bebop documentary.Hopefully it will be for the dvd when it comes out! We had all seen the subtitled version.I had downloaded it as well as finding the hong kong 'copy' of the dvd in chinatown.I assure you i'll grab the real dvd as soon as it's out.What i saw was as fantastic as i had seen before.Plus seeing it on the big screen and with a quite good dub was wonderful. Bebop should be released sometime later this year.I implore everyone, if you like good animation and sick of all the bad kiddie crap, if you love action films, if you like film noir, if you like tragic heroes and villians, if you like great music, if you like space ships and great flying battles, if you like welsh corgis;See this movie!This is by far one of my favorite films.I heard they will have a decent release.Hopefully they will release in more than just major cities.I dunno how far out in iowa they're gonna show it Plus after the show there was a q with the director, character designer, and fan favorite musician yoko kanno.Director watanabe commented it was likely someone we knew and looked over at a blushingMs kanno.And believe me, seeing her in person reminds me of miss edward wong hau pepelu tivrusky iv.When asked if there's any chance of more bebop, the reply was a firm"I don't know. "Another note is that they were all somewhat surprised on how popular bebop was here and what a hit it was.Ms.Kanno commented that cool people are universal. Beside the film festival, across the street was the con.The first day we spent mainly shopping in the dealers room and in line for signatures for the three bebop stars.We left early that day to get sleep to stay overnight sunday/monday. Sunday was a busy day.I unfortunately missed the adv panel.Although they were selling an advance copy of dai-Guard.It's a mecha show with office workers saving the world and shows all the paperwork involved in keeping up a giant mech.It's as funny as it is cool.Plus the theme song will never get out of your head. The first panel i jumped into was the raijin comics panel.Raijin is a new company intent on brining over manga in a weekly magazine sized b/w comic.Some of the titles include the prequel to fist of the north star and city hunter.They said their target audience was 17 and up, those who grew up with older anime and comics and would like a comic for their age.They also said they'll be collecting some of the series in graphic novels with details tba.Another publication of theirs is fujin magazine.I am really interested in this.It is a magazine about anime and manga and japanese culture.In japan. Unlike Animerica and other magazines which are mostly stuff in the US, this focuses on stuffIn japan.One things that emphasizes this is a section dedicated to anime hotspots in tokyo. One of the editors said,In japanese and translated for us, that if you were going to Japan to just rip out the pages and you have a tour guide. Plus you get to see new anime series and toys and stuff popularIn japan now.It just seemed like a decent radar for new anime.I also need to thank michael andres palmieri.They had run out of the previews of the magazine, so i asked him for some extra copies for my local comic shop.He gave me a big stack of the comic and the magazine.Raijin comics should be out dec 4 and will be available though diamond. The next panel was pioneer.Had i been smart and moved up front at the beginning, i might have won a hellsing dvd box or t-Shirt or other cool pioneer stuff when they had a lottery.Anyway, pioneer seems to have some good stuff up its sleeve.First of all, hellsing, which i already have the first dvd of.If you like vampires, you have got to check this out.It is simply an original and one of the coolest vampire tales i have seen in some time.I asked if there were any more eps being made and the reply was that they were waiting for the manga to finish.He also said that pioneer is not into manga and would not be bringing it to the us.Another big one, coming sometime in 2003, is the lupin tv series.If you do not know who lupin is, go out and see castle of cagliostro.Now!They showed the intro to the show.Funny thing was, i've seen some of the scenes in it parodied in everything from cowboy bebop to flcl. (Spike jet and faye bear quite a resemblance in look and personality to lupin, jigen, and fujiko anyway.Plus there is quite a lupin ref in flcl, but more on flcl later. )Anyway, think james bond meets bugs bunny and you may get something half as cool and popular as this character is.Lupin is huge in japan and europe.It's just us ignorant americans who don't know who he is. (And shame on spielberg who is a big fan of miyazaki and cagliostro but never did anything! )Also upcoming from poineer is chobits.Chobits of a story of a male student who finds a chobit, think of a pc crossed with a manquin supermodel, lying in the trash and takes her to live with him.Chobits is a funny romantic comedy, but clearly not for kids. (Don't ask me where her power button is! )Also in the same vein is hand maid may which is already out.Except here the female robot is only about a foot tall.Plus this one is a bit zanier and more comedic, but is still definitely not for kids. (Don't ask me where her usb plug goes in! )Plus there are panty shots galore.Other pioneer stuff coming up includes mahrocromatic about a.Yep.Robotic made, except this one has the fighting power of a tank and the show has a bit more action and drama.That's coming out this january.Man, here we have genres like doctor shows and cop dramas, in japan they have robotic maid shows.Heh.They also mentioned a new sakura wars movie.Mind you, that is sakura wars not the cardcaptor one.Plus they is the cute cute cute and very cute tiny snow fairy sugar out in 2003.I bleive the title says it all. Then there was bandai.I almost ran out of room on the paper i was writing on.First and foremost.Ghost in the shell:Stand alone complex, the new gits tv show, rules.Not only did they show the trailer, they showed an entire ep.It was the 3rd ep and untranslated, but it still ruled.The animation was great.The use of cel shading was some of the best i've seen.I've noticed a lot of crappy 3d animation thrown in with 2d, but this was outstanding and was practically perfect.The animation resembled more the movie than the comic, but the story seemed to be more like the comic and ignore the movie or take place before it.Plus we get to see the fuchikomas in action in wonderfully blended 3d!Plus, yoko kanno!Imagine yoko kanno doing techno and music like what was in the movie.Plus there was a nice guitar piece in there.The bandai rep said that they hope to get the same actors for the dub and hope to release in on dvd in 2003.There are 26 episodes of the series.It is a cautionary environmental tale about a girl who is given powers to help save the planet from human destruction and the monsters they created.Music is by yoko kanno, who to the surprise and cheers of all, popped out of the audience to introduce the clip they showed.It's an anime set within an online computer role-Playing game, think a mmorpg like evercrack.Er.Everquest.I've only seen one ep, but there is much buzz about and many fans of the series.A couple of new series that have caught my eye are geneshaft, with a really cool spaceship, and argento soma, with huge monsters and shakespeare.Also announced is banner of the stars, continuing the story of crest and battleflag of the stars.I've seen crest of the stars and a friend of my is nuts for the series.Based on a series of novels, the anime follows humans as they learn to deal with the alien abh empire.The closest thing i can compare it to is if there was a story about just humans in the future trying to live with the 'vulcan empire'.Really good series.Plus, like tolkien's elvish, there is an abh language.Also announced was big o season 2.It is premiering not in japan first, but sometime next season on cartoon network.I am a huge fan of this batman / evangelion inspired and dark city like series.Also, in the world of love hina there is the x-Mas special coming out dec 3.He said thee is no news on them getting love hina again. By scarpe hogan outlet online monday i was exhausted.I had to head back to my friend's place in nj and it rained.Walking form 33rd st.To times sqaure in a down pour, even with an umbrella is not fun.Plus, despite dozing off a bit during wicked city and silent moebius, i was still tired.For at least a half hour we just sat outside a room and dried.I later was running between the marvel panel and meeting my friends at flcl.Let me just say, yes!Synchpoint did translate the first two eps of flcl.But!All i saw was the subtitled version and it was on a vhs tape.I've been waiting since their first release date in january for this and i had already seen and loved the series over a year ago. Last Tuesday was promised to be the final date,But I have yet to see the DVD. I was exhausted by the time i got to the marvel panel and i had to run out for a bit to meet friends.I'll try to remember as much as i can since i was very tired and didn't have anything to write notes on.They opened with q one things that caught me is that marvel is really looking to the east.Besides the notable art of kia asamiya on flagship uncanny x-Men, they also noted that they are looking at japan for many artists.Surprisingly they commented that they also are looking at dojinshi(Fan drawn manga)Artists for some work.I didn't even realize anyone in comics industry knew of dojinshi.Plus marvel mangavese will not just be limited to ben dunn.As already announced in previews and elsewhere likely, the next magaverse miniseries will involve the manga/anime spiderman we've seen before.After that there will be an x-Men one with new artists.Personally, i hope for more of adam warren's evangelion-Eque fantastic four, but that's all they have planned so far.One thing they wee excited about was the new anime looking eden's trail.They commented on how the artist went for a cinematic anime look to the art.That should be out in november. One final note, we were privy to hear a little inside information about funimation.I wasn't going to announce this, but i've seen that it's already been leaked or announced on the web.Funimation has acquired the rights to the hugely popular 'one piece'.One piece is the swashbuckling fun adventure series that has eclipsed even dragonball z in japan.My friend says he's seen an ep and it's very funny and enjoyable.He said when they showed it at otacon people were cracking up and loved it.Also from funimation is the popular fruits basket.This is a romantic series aimed at girls filled with bishonen characters.They also have the current hit of yu yu hashuko, yu gi oh, and a couple lupin movies.There was one more series i was interested in from funimation Anyway, i can't remember much else to mention and i should get this posted. 09-17-2002, 08:55 PM Hey, master p, guess what i saw in the half price bookstore last week?I was looking for books for my dad's b day, and guess what i stumbled upon in the clearance section?Like the whole cowboy bebop vhs series on sale.I think they were like 3 bucks a tape.It may have been missing a few, i don't know.I really would have bought it(Since you recommended it)But i was broke and the cash i had went to gift for daddy.

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